Transfer to Abkhazia by
Maybach and Mercedes S- and V-Class

Visiting Abkhazia

Going to Abkhazia can hardly be called an ordinary event. Even given its readiness to welcome visitors from Russia, Abkhazia is a different country with its own customs, traditions and laws. And great many holiday-makers staying by the seashore during the holiday season, hot weather and other factors force to look for the most comfortable and safe transfer to Abkhazia.

VipTrip offers the best solution for such a ride: VIP Sochi – Abkhazia transfer by luxury chauffeured Mercedes and Maybach.

How is a VIP Sochi to Abkhazia transfer carried out?

Standard VIP Sochi (Adler) – Abkhazia transfer includes escorting guests of the city from picking them up at the airport or hotel down to bringing them back after visiting scenic spots of the Black Sea coast.

Our VIP transfer from Sochi to Abkhazia includes the following stages:

  • Picking up guests in Sochi, Adler or Krasnaya Polyana – our driver will contact you or your guests at the specified phone number in advance, will meet them, put the luggage in the car trunk and help his passengers to take comfortable seats in our luxury car;
  • Border crossing – you don’t have to worry about anything, your driver will help you through all the procedures with no hassle;
  • Getting to your destination safely and without incident while making only well-tried stopovers;
  • Returning to Sochi, Adler or any other location, if necessary.

You won’t have to take care of any implications of going to Abkhazia – our drivers are well experienced in visiting this country and will help to solve any and all issues quickly and efficiently.

Advantages of VIP transfer to Abkhazia arranged by our company

We have been providing elite transfers from Sochi to Abkhazia and other resorts and attractions in the region for a long time. And along the way VipTrip drivers have gained vast experience, which helps them act properly during the ride, when crossing the border and in an abnormal situation that, fortunately, is a very rare thing.

So, the main advantages of business transfers to Abkhazia by VipTrip are:

  • Elite cars that meet all the requirements of a world-class comfortable and safe ride;
  • Professional drivers who are ready to help in any situation;
  • Flexible rental terms that cater to all preferences and wishes of our clients.

In fact, when having no personal close protection in your trip to Abkhazia, this function can be partially performed by our driver who knows how to behave in emergency situations and is concerned with ensuring that the ride takes place with no incidents. But, if you do want to be as safe and secure as possible, we recommend you to consider the personal close protection in Sochi service which we provide together with our partners.

Transfer options

We offer individual and group transfers to Abkhazia by luxury cars featuring the highest level of comfort and safety. Experience the quality of VipTrip service by choosing one of our fleet cars:

Undoubtedly, each client of our company has the right to choose the car that answers his status, character and preferences. Our only request is that you book premium transfers in advance, especially during the holiday season. This will help to avoid the situation when the car you need has already been reserved.

How to book a VIP transfer

Do you need to arrange for a transfer from Adler Airport or Sochi to Abkhazia? Use the services of our company by contacting us at the phone number given on the website or by filling out the feedback form or by ordering online through the shopping cart. You can also write to us on WhatsApp. Our manager will advise you on all issues, make a provisional estimate and help to complete the application.

We work with both legal entities and individuals. Legal entities pay for the services against invoices, individuals can pay in any way they like.

We are committed to making our service as comfortable and transparent for our clients as possible, and we look forward to seeing you among the VipTrip guests!