Renting a lux car for photo shooting
in Sochi, Adler and Krasnaya Polyana

Car rental for photo sessions in Sochi

It should be no surprise that renting a car to do photo sessions in Sochi and its surrounding countryside is gaining popularity in the time of social media. It is sought after not only by young Influencers but also the companies that render services to VIPs. Both have the same in view, which are cultivating their image and reinforcing their brands. The only difference is that these are short videos and “way of life” photos when it comes to bloggers, and renting a Maybach or Mercedes for just a couple of hours will be enough. While corporate clients usually need a 5-hour or longer rental to change several locations when taking and retaking numerous photos from different angles. In this case not a few people work but a large team does, and preparations and arrangements take long while they are taking photos or making videos for several purposes at once.

But whatever your goals and objectives, we are always ready to help add to the image with luxury cars by the Mercedes-Benz concern.

Why is the Sochi photo shoot with car service sought for?

Do you need to max out your personal or corporate brand or update your social media content? Rental of premium Mercedes S-Class and Maybach models is always available for those who have an eye for style.

Car for photo shooting in Sochi is often booked by young folk. Our premium cars help add to their image, demonstrate status and lifestyle and accentuate their impeccable taste in social media.

We also offer rental of premium cars for promotional video shootings and any events meaning to have a Mercedes S-Class or Maybach caught on camera. In this case our most often clients are luxury hotels, spas and boutiques.

Our clients most commonly book our cars for such purposes as:

  • Image photo shooting
  • Portfolio shooting
  • Love Story creation
  • Wedding photos and video in Sochi
  • Promotional photo and video shooting

Should you need photographers being experts in photo shootings with car in the best Sochi locations, you are welcome to enjoy the VipTrip photographer’s services – read more about our photography services here.

What cars are available for photo shootings in Sochi?

Our cars are serviced, washed, polished and dry-cleaned after each drive.

Subject to availability of cars, you can choose any of the following models to do your photo session:

Mercedes-Maybach X222 is the icon that sophisticated connoisseurs regard as a kind of reference car for those who have reached their stars and won their spurs. Its look fully confirms its being called one of the trophy cars of our time.

Mercedes S-Class W223 combines all the qualities young people want to see in a modern car: speed, power, fancy design with traditional touches of the legendary brand. Its new look is complemented by dozens of functional solutions, which make the Mercedes W223 a new generation car.

Mercedes S-Class W222 is perhaps one of the Mercedes models that has retained classic elements of the legendary brand most of all as compared to other ones. It makes it a popular option for photo shootings when clients want to accentuate the presence of the legendary brand in the frame as the standard of reliability, quality and pattern of complete success and prosperity.

Our fleet also features Mercedes V-Class minivans, which are perfect as escort cars. If you care about comfort of those who take part in the would-be photo session, we recommend booking this luxury minibus in advance to transport your team and props.

Thanks to our wide network of partners you can enjoy Rolls-Royces and sports cars offered on the Sochi market – please contact us and our managers will help you to choose the best option from available cars.

How to book a photo shoot with car with our company?

If you chose to rent a car to do your photo session in Sochi, the services offered by VipTrip can turn to be an all-in-one solution as you can order the professional photographer’s support from us too. To make your application and get advice on all issues that interest you, call the numbers given on the website (you can use widgets) or write to us on WhatsApp. You can also fill out the feedback form and our specialist will contact you shortly.

Both individuals and legal entities can order a photo session with car. Legal entities pay for the services against invoices, individuals can pay in any way they like.

We are committed to making our service as comfortable and transparent for our clients as possible, and we look forward to seeing you among the VipTrip guests!