Referral program
– earn money with us

Dear content creators and colleagues running the service business in our wonderful Sochi, VipTrip offers you the opportunity to create a source of good passive income. All you have to do is to publicize our service or give true recommendations to use it. You recommend the top-quality service and get paid for it. It’s simple and remunerative! And now this is how it works.

What is a referral program and how it works

A referral program is an effective and, importantly, beneficial to all involved parties marketing tool that enables a company to get a new client and its partner to get credited with a cash reward for having recommended a high-quality premium service.

Who can be our referral partner

Anyone who can reach the right audience may be our referral, i.e. the partner who may be virtually remunerated. This may be a legal entity or an individual – we don’t care about the status and are ready to pay everyone who creates a positive rating for VipTrip. We don’t care what you do, if you are private business owners, bloggers or work in the service industry – we are after the number of clients who came to us following your recommendation.

How to cash in on our referral program

It’s all very simple. Our referral program upholds both digital and analog interactions. The stipulation is that you must be registered as a referral partner in our database. Please read below how to do it.

Here’s how the analogue referral works: you call VipTrip or contact our manager on WhatsApp and inform about the client that will come on your recommendation. We record the fact of referral and pay you a commission for the service paid by this client. Make sure our managers have your contact details to add you to our database of referrals and award a bonus on every transaction. You are also free to fill in the form.

The digital format of referral, of course, is also available to all our partners. You register as a referral and get your personal ID, special link and our promotional content. You can place ads on your website, social network page and/or in your personal blog to share it in any way you can: the more people are taken to our website and order our service after clicking your referral link, the higher reward you get – your earnings have no limits!

You can get promotional materials that will help you to win new business from us or create them yourself and align them with the context of your content. You can also download our presentation via this link.

How much our referrals earn

If a client places his or her order via our partner’s referral link or following his verbal recommendation, the partner gains a reward amounting to 20% of the service cost paid by the client.

The referral program rewards are paid out once a month in any convenient way as agreed with a referral in advance.

You get more than just a money reward: when offering the high-quality services of VipTrip to potential clients, you can make valuable contacts and win VIP customers’ favor. And this generates extra cash in the form of tips and other bonuses.   

Who we invite to cooperate

VipTrip is looking to cooperate with any companies and individuals wishing to cash in on the referral partnership with us. Our reference partners can be owners of such information resources as:

  • website;
  • blog;
  • mobile app (special terms and conditions are available, to be negotiated individually);
  • YouTube-channel;
  • group or channel on;
  • Telegram group or channel;
  • other social media.

Besides, anyone who is able to reach VIP audience to offer our company’s premium services can become our referral partner. You don’t have to be registered as a legal entity to cooperate with us. The only thing that indicates a successful referral and matters to us is real clients who came to us following your recommendation or link.

How to become a partner

Entering into the referral partnership with VipTrip is very simple:

  1. click the link;
  2. fill out the form;
  3. wait for a call from the company.

Do you have any further questions? Call us and we will answer them!

We can make the service for VIP guests of Sochi be of premium quality and in place. For that to happen, we need your help!

We are looking forward to seeing you among VipTrip’s referral partners!