Rent a premium S-class car
Mercedes W223 with a driver in Sochi

Rent Mercedes W223 in Sochi

Vehicle class
Body color
Interior color
Number of passenger seats
3 persons
Number of pieces of luggage
2 places
Number of vehicles
2 cars
2-5 hours
6-10 hours
1-4 days
5-9 days
10 days
Airport - adler
Airport - Sochi
Airport - Krasnaya polyana
Sochi — Krasnaya Polyana

Respectability must be maintained in everything. When you need a taxi, it should be only the Mercedes W223, and nothing else. It is the flagship model for absolute leaders – progressive and successful individuals who value their reputation, time, and comfort. And it’s no surprise, because when you rent the Mercedes S 223 with a driver in Sochi, you will get to your destination with maximum comfort.

During the trip, you can relax in the spacious passenger area while enjoying the landscape behind the tinted glass, or take care of business and continue negotiating with your partners. There is plenty of space in the back, because the modular MRA platform of the new generation was used to create a new representative car. It has a much longer passenger area compared with the first version, so the space in the back is even larger now than it was before.

Mercedes W223 – Status and Progress

Mercedes for rent with a driver, especially if it’s W223, is the choice of a determined and successful individual. Brutality and elegant automobile forms with improved aerodynamics will quickly distinguish you from the crowd, emphasizing your status and style. It’s an excellent choice if you want to rent it for yourself, show concern for your loved ones, or get it for your business partners – it will surely make a good impression. Your partners will get pleasure just riding it to the place of negotiations, a hotel or a restaurant. Even if it’s just a simple ride from the airport and back – in this car, everything is thought out to the last detail. Renting such a vehicle is not only solidity, but also the highest comfort. No roads will spoil the impression of the trip, because the air suspension will easily extinguish any bumps. Forget about the banging of shock absorbers, shaking, or any other noise. You get a VIP car, meaning that it has none of these problems. You will only get positive emotions and relaxation in the back seat of a comfortable automobile after a difficult and exhausting flight.

Renting the Mercedes S-class is a way to emphasize your status before negotiations or an important meeting. Every detail in the car is in its place. The elegant forms of the interior, an amazing decor of precious woods and delicate genuine leather create a special atmosphere in the car making the experience especially pleasant.

A large multimedia installation on the center console lets you easily manage the necessary functions, select music, and do many other things. An equally large touch-sensitive dashboard in a luxury car will allow you to track the speed of the car and see the approximate time of arrival at your destination. You can always ask the driver to speed up a little, within the permitted speed limit, or go a little slower if you need to be alone with yourself and think a little.

How to order a Mercedes-S with a driver in Sochi?

You can order a Mercedes with a driver using one of the available options:

Once your order is confirmed, the car will be waiting for you in Sochi or its surroundings in the right place at the right time. You can order a car for a one-time trip, for instance, if you only need a transfer, for the entire day, or in another format that you can arrange with our company managers.

You no longer have to worry about how much it costs to order a Mercedes 223 with a driver in Sochi — we will answer all your questions for you. What’s really important is that you are full of energy, talented, and have achieved a lot, so there’s no point in missing out on comfort and pleasure. We can say with confidence that our price of a Mercedes VIP Taxi is quite affordable. You get the highest quality of service without overspending. You know your worth and the value of your money, and we suggest spending just a small portion of it for your own comfort and self presentation as a successful businessperson.