Rent a premium S-class car
Mercedes W222 with a driver in Sochi

Rent Mercedes W222 in Sochi

Vehicle class
Body color
Interior color
Number of passenger seats
3 persons
Number of pieces of luggage
2 places
Number of vehicles
1 car
2-5 hours
6-10 hours
1-4 days
5-9 days
10 days
Airport - adler
Airport - Sochi
Airport - Krasnaya polyana
Sochi — Krasnaya Polyana

If you are a successful individual who loves comfort and wants all the luxuries of the S-class at a reasonable price, Mercedes W222 is the perfect car for you. Sixth generation premium cars brand has gained the trust of its audience and already became a classic. This car’s appearance will appeal to those who prefer the classic of the genre – respectability, confidence, and power are the qualities demonstrated by Mercedes W222. It hides a real beast under the hood – a 365 horsepower gasoline V6 that can speed up to 100 km/h in 5.5 seconds. Renting a Mercedes 222 with a driver in Sochi allows you to move around the city and the surrounding areas without feeling tired from the trip, and it’s no surprise, because Mercedes W222 is not just a beautiful and powerful car, but also a VIP-class car, with everything in it for the maximum comfort even during a very long trip.

Rent S-Class Mercedes – Ride with Style, Comfort, and Prestige

Renting a representative vehicle is exactly what you need when arriving in Sochi from another city for business negotiations. Demonstrate your impeccable taste and status to your business partners, establishing your reputation as a successful and confident individual. Relax comfortably on the road after a flight. The car comes with a folding table in the back seat, where you can place your documents and review presentations. Order a transport for your business partners if you like to emphasize their importance for you and your business. It will be difficult not to notice such a gesture and it will be greatly appreciated.

The price of renting this model’s Mercedes in our VIP Taxi in Sochi is more than reasonable. For a decent amount of money, you get a model, quality, reliability, and of course the status that comes with this car. Luxury automobiles that include the W222, provide comfortable rides even over long distances. Comfy seating is complemented by good functionality designed for passengers. Finishing with high-quality materials eliminates annoying sounds during car movement. There is always a folding table, a compartment for storing small items and other necessary devices. Car interior also offers good lighting for reading and reviewing documents.

You only have to rent a Mercedes with a driver, the rest is up to us. Sit comfortably in the back seat of the car and take care of business, while our driver takes you smoothly through the city or down a mountain road. If you don’t look outside the window, you may think you’re standing still. A well-adjusted suspension hides all the roughness of the road. Due to the perfect noise insulation, the sound of a powerful engine doesn’t penetrate the car or bother the passenger.

Mercedes-Benz engineers made sure that you can rest comfortably or work productively in the automobile. Enjoy yourself and use a built-in multimedia center to listen to the music or watch a movie. Mercedes W222 is designed for individuals who love the combination of classics, modernity, and business style.

How to rent a Mercedes-S with a driver in Sochi?

Renting a prestige car is easy! Use one of the available options:

Once you place your order, you can be sure that our comfortable representative vehicle will meet you in the right place at the right time. You will only have to take a seat, adjust the chair, and enjoy the ride.

The service price is minimal compared with the comfort you get and the ability to maintain your status. There’s no need to worry about anything. Our cars are fully functional and undergo regular maintenance, so there won’t be any unpleasant situations on the road. We also sanitize the car before each new client.

No more worries about renting Mercedes 222. Our company offers the best value for your money in Sochi! Pay reasonable prices for comfort and status.