Rent luxury Mercedes S-class
Maybach X222 with a driver in Sochi

Rent Maybach X222 in Sochi

Vehicle class
Body color
Interior color
Number of passenger seats
3 persons
Number of pieces of luggage
1 place
Number of vehicles
3 cars
2-5 hours
6-10 hours
1-4 days
5-9 days
10 days
Airport - adler
Airport - Sochi
Airport - Krasnaya polyana
Sochi — Krasnaya Polyana

Serious business people always maintain their status and the highest level of comfort they’re used to. If they need to visit another city or a country for meetings or negotiations without access to personal transport and a driver, they usually use VIP Taxi Services. Our company in Sochi provides these types of services. VipTrip is a Car Rental Services in Sochi that offer Mercedes S-class and Maybach Rentals with Drivers.

The most popular Executive-Class car is the Maybach X222. It combines the luxury of this premium-brand and all the technological innovations of Mercedes.
When you order this S-Class executive car, our driver will meet you at the agreed location and take you around places. You can sit comfortably and stretch your legs out in the back seat of the Maybach X222, while taking care of business or relaxing after a long road or a meeting.

It’s hard to stay unnoticed while moving around Sochi in this VIP car. Your appearance at a business meeting or in a restaurant will not be ignored. It will be extremely difficult not to notice you on the Mercedes-Maybach X222.
Each exterior element complements the person’s image, emphasizes individuality and status.
The driver provided by our company will fully match the car. His main task isn’t just to get you to the right place at the right time, but also to ensure the maximum level of comfort during the ride. If anything happens, he will always come to your aid in a difficult situation, without asking questions or distracting you from business.

Comfort and Prestige – You No Longer Have To Choose

There is plenty of space for everyone! This elongated body of the X222 model has even more space than before. The luxury car has special tables where you can place your documents or a laptop. There is also a built-in entertainment system. No one and nothing will get in the way or distract you from things that matter. You can even separate yourself from the outside world by lifting the curtains, and creating complete privacy.

Mercedes Maybach X222 meets the most demanding customer demands. Premium-quality materials are used for interior decoration, and their quality is beyond doubt. The tactile sensations from touching the leather are incredible.
Quietly working engine does not create discomfort, yet it’s undoubtedly powerful. Despite the heavy car weight, it is quite maneuverable and provides very comfortable driving, in the city or on the highway. Effortless and smooth running of the engine seems to emphasize the status of the car and its passenger. Its lightness and smoothness won’t stop your driver from accelerating to 100 km/h in a matter of 5,6 seconds, which is excellent for the business-class car.

Order Maybach With a Driver in Sochi

Maybach is not for driving yourself. It’s the type of car you get with a driver. Trust the driving to professionals, and enjoy the ride in the best luxury-style car. Smooth running and nearly complete isolation of sounds will let you focus on yourself and things that matter, whether it’s work or rest. The car will simply fly without touching the road, or at least it will seem to you that way.

Order a car to/from the airport in Sochi on Maybach for yourself, family, or business partners. Our company price for the Maybach taxi allows you to use the status transport for a quick transfer and throughout the day. We created a flexible Service Plan and a Privilege System for regular customers. Business trips, weddings, events and more – our cars and drivers are always ready to give you the maximum level of comfort while emphasizing your status.

How to Rent Maybach With a Driver in Sochi

There are several ways you can order the Maybach with a driver, and we want your ordering process to be just as effortless as riding in the back of the Maybach. Place your order through a special form on the website or call us at a specified number. If you don’t like making calls, rent Maybach through WhatsApp. Find out all the details, price plans on different terms, and important information. Make sure that premium-class Maybach will be waiting for you at the right place and time, ready to take you anywhere you need.

Our managers can tell you the Maybach Taxi Rental terms for riders, large corporate clients, or major events. We are here to serve our clients so don’t hesitate to ask!

We state with confidence that we offer the Best Premium Car Rental terms in Sochi. Our employees are highly-qualified, cars are in top-notch condition, and we are proud of our drivers giving our clients the highest level of service possible.