Rent a luxury minivan with a driver
Mercedes V-class in Sochi

Rent a minibus Mercedes V-class in Sochi

Vehicle class
Body color
Interior color
Number of passenger seats
6 persons
Number of pieces of luggage
5 places
Number of vehicles
3 cars
2-5 hours
6-10 hours
1-4 days
5-9 days
10 days
Airport - adler
Airport - Sochi
Airport - Krasnaya polyana
Sochi — Krasnaya Polyana

Are you traveling with a large group of people? Renting a V-Class Mercedes with a driver in Sochi lets you organize a comfortable trip for your family or business partners. It is the best car in its class, which will provide you with the maximum level of comfort during the trip and emphasize your status of a successful and respectable individual. Mercedes always means solidity and a high standard.

When ordering a transfer on a V-Class Mercedes, you can be sure of getting to the right place without any delays, whether it’s a plane flight or a business negotiation. The car is also perfect for long trips around the city and beyond. Conduct business negotiations or enjoy a city tour – nothing can stop you from enjoying yourself, because Mercedes engineers have taken care of everything.

Rent a Mercedes Minibus with a Driver – Get Comfort and Status

Choose only a V-Class Mercedes Taxi for business trips with partners. A well-designed spacious back seat accommodates 4-7 people. It lets you relax after a long flight or sit comfortably during negotiations. You can use a special folding table, which is available in two-row car models, to place documents or a laptop for the presentation.

Good sound insulation allows comfortable, noise-free communication. Passengers won’t have to raise their voice or attract the interlocutor’s attention by another way. Background noises, including the sound of the engine, are hardly heard in the back seat, and don’t create discomfort.

Mercedes Minibus with a Driver in Sochi guarantees a pleasant and easy ride regardless of the distance. Smooth and stable engine operation ensures smooth car running without jerking or causing any unpleasant sensations. Well-developed suspension protects against jumps and shakes, allowing passengers to rest and have a comfortable trip. Order a Mercedes minivan to travel with the entire family not only business trips. There is enough space for everyone, even if you have brought equipment with you or are traveling with a small child, and need a place for a baby stroller. Maybe you will be going to a party with your friends or arranging a festive event. The V-Class will come in very handy here as well – a high level of comfort and pleasure from the trip are guaranteed to passengers. Well-designed interior trim and large windows create additional comfort, but you can isolate yourself from the outside world, if needed, so that nothing can interfere with your thoughts, conversation, or any other matter.

Renting a V-Class Mercedes allows you to experience all the features of a premium car. All interior elements are thought out to the smallest detail. The functionality for passengers was not left without attention either. Climate control customization, multi-level seat adjustment, and many other advantages that aren’t available in ordinary cars. If you suddenly feel bored, a modern multimedia system with well-developed well detailed sound will brighten up your leisure time allowing you to listen to your favorite music with relatives or friends. There is enough space in the back to arrange a small party. Your friends will definitely appreciate all the features of a minivan. You can ride around the city all night, if you want, and stop at any place you like. With V-Class Mercedes, you and your friends will always be in the center of attention.

Cost & Ways to Order V-Class with a Driver in Sochi

We offer the services of experienced drivers with our V-Class transport. Place your order and a premium-class car will be waiting for you at the right place and time to take you anywhere you need. You can rent a car using one of the available options:

Order the V-Class for 2-3 hours or rent it for a day – however you prefer. Our drivers are ready to take you anywhere in Sochi and beyond or drive you to/from the airport.

Rent a Mercedes Minivan with a driver and enjoy your trip. We always monitor the state of our cars, and check the personnel, so that you get the best you deserve. Relax and enjoy the trip or make successful profitable deals with your partners – our drivers will take care of the rest.