Our Loyalty Program and discounts
on Maybach and Mercedes rent

VipTrip Loyalty Program

Dear customers, we are seeking to make our service not only the best in Sochi class-wise but also the most profitable for our customers. With this aim in mind we’ve developed a loyalty program, the terms and conditions of which are detailed here below.

Personal approach to each client

Regular customers of VipTrip are special, so we have our specific system of bonuses. There are no plastic cards or obligatory installation of mobile app or accumulation of credits: we’ve discarded any standard tools in favor of a unified discount system that records all your privileges in a single database.

How does it work? You want to order any of the following services from VipTrip: Maybach rental, transfer by Mercedes, VIP close protection, etc. That’s great! You only need to tell your phone number or full name to our manager to find you in our database. Once done, he’ll inform you of your status, and you’ll get an individual offer that allows for any and all available privileges. We keep records of all applications and make your personal bonus program based on your history.

If you still have any plastic fixed discount cards or our Director’s personal business card or any other instruments that you used to get bonuses from our company, don’t worry – all your privileges have been saved and now, to enjoy them, you just need to tell your phone number when placing your order.

VipTrip changes with you, seeks to keep pace with the times and sticks to its principles:


Loyalty Program terms and conditions

The first thing you need to do when ordering any service at VipTrip is to check with the manager if your number is available in the database. If yes, you can expect enjoying certain privileges within the current loyalty program.

Cumulative quantity discount for loyal customers

Regular customers are those for whom we seek to create the most comfortable and favorable service conditions.

We appreciate your returning to us, and each time you order our service again we give you an additional discount that is added to the existing one.

How does it work? Let’s say you have 8% VipTrip loyalty discount. When ordering yet another service totaling to at least 150$, you move on to a new loyalty level and now your discount is 10%. This discount is fixed, it doesn’t expire or get lower. The only thing you can do with it is to increase it by another 2% when placing your next order. The highest possible discount we give to regular customers as part of our loyalty program is 20%.

You don’t need to make any further actions to participate in this program. You become a program member automatically when giving your phone number to our manager and buying any service from VipTrip.

Ongoing special promotions

We also conduct promotions and lottery drawings on a regular basis, of which we inform our customers through communication channels, including social networks, bulk SMS, banners posted on the official website, adverts placed on partners’ sites, etc.

How does it work? To enjoy your privilege, you need to enter a promo code in a designated field or the «Notes» one of the form when making your order on the site. When placing your order by phone, you only need to dictate the promo code to our manager. Please note that some promotional offers are of one-time nature and not always added to the existing discounts. You can always get more information from our managers.

First Order promotional offer

We realize that every new client may become a regular one in the future. That is why we’ve launched the First Order promotion for those who contacted us for the first time.

If you rent a luxury car (Mercedes, Maybach) with us you get the 1st rental hour for free. The action is valid when renting a car for 5 hours and longer.

If you want to enjoy our First Order promotional offer, please enter the 1HFREE promo code in the designated field or the «Notes» one of the form. When placing your order by phone, you only need to dictate the promo code to our manager who will calculate the service cost for you given the First Order program discount.

Bring A Friend promotional offer

What’s better than recommending a good service to your best friend? This may only be the discount you get for it! VipTrip gives an additional 2% discount to your current one if you recommend our premium service to your friend.

To enjoy the offer, you need to enter the FRIEND promo code in the additional field or the «Notes» one of the form. You can also dictate the promo code to your manager who will help you make your order over the phone.

Order On The Website promotional offer

You can place your order for our company’s services on the VipTrip website. It’s convenient and advantageous: you get a 5% discount (regardless of the service cost) when making your order on the site This is a one-time action that is not added to the regular customer’s discount progress. To activate it, enter the SITE promotion code in the additional field or the «Notes» one of the form. You may also dictate the promo code when talking to our manager over the phone.

When taking advantage of our loyalty program, you get the premium quality services on favorable terms.

We are looking forward to seeing you among VipTrip guests!