Our fleet of Mercedes and Maybach
invites to cooperation

Dear friends, colleagues and existing and future VipTrip partners, we are seeking not only to improve our service but also to be helpful to our clients when recommending other VIP service providers available in Sochi.

With that in mind, we are offering companies that provide various premium services to unite and set up a single business partnership program.

Benefits of strategic partnership

We want to establish a one-stop shop of services, where partnering companies will recommend each other’s services to their clients.

The effectively functioning Business Partnership program will let us:

  • bar any unscrupulous service providers;
  • minimize the number of intermediaries;
  • increase the number of clients for each partnering company.

What companies gain from business partnership:

  1. we significantly shorten the time it takes our clients to find the services they need, and thereby we improve their service and make their stay in Sochi as comfortable as possible;
  2. we save our time when servicing clients as we are briefed by our partner on the order placed and any ins and outs of the service to be provided to the client;
  3. participants of the partner network uphold each other’s reputation, and each of them is sure that they recommend the best companies in the city to their clients;
  4. we develop our customer base based on the new clients coming on our partners’ recommendations;
  5. each partner gets a commission for each client who ordered a service based on his/her recommendation.

Who we invite to cooperate

VipTrip is looking to cooperate with any companies seeking to provide the world-class service to guests of Sochi. We see our partnering companies as those providing services to «luxury» and «middle+» clients in such areas as:

  • organizing business and private events;
  • personal close protection services;
  • personal chef, sommelier services;
  • catering services and waiters;
  • private passenger air travels;
  • helicopter rentals;
  • rent of boats and yachts;
  • sport car rentals;
  • personal photographer/videographer;
  • tourism, individual tour guides, interpreters;
  • organizing outdoor activities of «middle+» and higher level;
  • private tutors, governesses, nannies, housekeepers, maids, etc.;
  • business coaches, investment consultants, business optimization experts, etc.

Our team is seeking for mutually beneficial cooperation with public and private institutions (government agencies, corporations, companies) engaged in such endeavors as:

  • preparation and organization of forums;
  • organization of business and tourist trips;
  • organizing tours of stage stars and other celebrities;
  • transportation service intermediaries;
  • and other activities to service VIP clients in Sochi.

We are also looking to cooperate with any companies providing other services meant for the VIP audience. You can view our presentation at this link. We will be glad to discuss any proposals!

How to become a partner

Entering into business partnership with VipTrip is very simple:

  1. click the link;
  2. fill out the form;
  3. wait for a call from the company.

Do you have any further questions? Call us and we will answer them!

We can make the service for VIP guests of Sochi be of premium quality. For that to happen, we need to team up!

We are looking forward to seeing you among VipTrip’s official partners!