Private chef and catering services
in Sochi, Adler and Krasnaya Polyana

Fine dining for VIP-clients

The Caucasus and its Black Sea coast, where Sochi sits in particular, are remarkably rich in a variety of culinary traditions. There are lots and lots of locations here that would offer you various dishes cooked by the best chefs following recipes of the folks living in our multinational Krasnodar Region. The riot of flavors of Armenian, Georgian, Mediterranean, Russian and European cuisines and their perfect fusion can impress even a big foodie.

But what if you can’t or don’t want to go to a restaurant? You may need some privacy or, on the contrary, want to hold your own VIP party away from prying eyes. In this case you will definitely need to have a private chef in Sochi and a designated team to serve your guests. What are you supposed to do in such a situation? You can follow someone else’s recommendations or try and hire people on the ad. But such option can hardly make sure your event is a big success.    

The good news is that VipTrip has taken care of it. We offer services of such a private chef that can make any event unforgettable for your distinguished guests. Our chefs are only the best ones, who gained their experience while holding such top positions as chefs of premium restaurants, private chefs of VIPs, and other professionals capable of turning any event into a gastronomic feast. We can also bring any famous chef to Sochi at your request if the available budget allows it!

Do you want to amaze your guests with wonderful local dishes cooked by the true culinary experts of our city? Call VipTrip, order the in-home private chef service and be sure that your event will be the most memorable.

Add some flavor to your gala day

VipTrip is pleased to inform its clients that our company is ready to take lead on selection of personnel to support banquets and other events for VIPs in full.

We can not only provide you with a premier chef but also offer the banquet waiter services. We work only with the leaders of their profession, who know the peculiarities of working at the events attended by highly select guests.

VipTrip made the full range of gastronomic services ready for those who prefer resting outside the city. We are talking about the VIP catering service that in a very short time can set your own little open-air restaurant in any location, be it Sochi, Adler, Krasnaya Polyana, mountains or even the seabeach.

We haven’t ignored those VIP guests of our city who prefer traditional outdoor barbecue. A much-loved barbeque picnic will turn to be a beautiful experience if a professional pitmaster takes on this event and its supplying. We offer services of a barbecuer who will take care of all meat-related issues, including selecting, purchasing, marinating and cooking it. VipTrip can offer sommelier services to those who want to add premium wine to the event.

On a final note, any VIP event that assumes arranging for catering, banquet or a barbecue must be treated individually. That’s why organizing it should be elaborated in details and supplied in advance. Please take this into account when contacting VipTrip.

How to order a private chef and catering services in Sochi

Please contact our manager to order the services of a private chef, catering, banquet waiters and other related services to be provided in Sochi. He will solve all the staff selection and recruitment issues and will assist you with the application process.

You can contact a VipTrip specialist through the direct lines given on our official website or ask for a call-back. For your convenience there are widgets. Our manager can also be contacted via WhatsApp

We work with both individuals and legal entities. Legal entities pay for the services against invoices. Individuals can use standard payment methods.

We are committed to making our service as comfortable and transparent for our clients as possible, and we look forward to seeing you among the VipTrip guests!