Executive Protection Services
in Sochi, Adler and Krasnaya Polyana

Personal Protection Services in Sochi

Professional close personal protection provided in Sochi, as well as in other major cities of Russia, is not an indicator of the person’s finances but one of the services needed by high profile residents and guests of the city. Your staying in our beautiful Sochi should be not only comfortable but also safe and secured, and VipTrip is able to provide everything necessary for that to happen.

Who needs close personal protection or a bodyguard in Sochi?

Over the years our company has worked with completely different clients. All the same, we can safely identify some groups among our audience, for whom the personal close protection is a must to ensure their comfortable staying in Sochi:

  • political figures and social activists, businessmen and other VIP persons who are attending a major event in Sochi and need protection (extra security);
  • public figures, such as pop and rock stars, movie stars, popular bloggers and other media personalities of the in- crowd who hire security guards to be protected from paparazzi, unruly fans and other people being able to disrupt the scheduled event or just ruin the moment;
  • people who are carrying high value items (cash, jewelry, antiques, etc.), both in their own vehicles and with an option to rent Maybach or Mercedes with a bodyguard escort in Sochi;
  • persons who need VIP protection when visiting public places (restaurants, concerts, etc.) to prevent any acts of provocation and other unfortunate incidents.

If you have your own story, and you need to protect VIPs or hire a bodyguard, contact us and discuss all the details with our manager. Our experience in protective security enables us to adapt to any conditions and situations.

What are the duties of your bodyguard?

client is safe and secure. For this purpose, we select only professionals who served in special forces, participated in combat and special operations and are able to apply their knowledge and skills in practice. Besides, all bodyguards have completed a legal training course enabling them to discharge their duties to protect VIPs persons as the law permits.

Security guards’ basic responsibilities include:

  • participation in trip planning, checking routes for any risk exposure and adjusting them;
  • checking the destination the protected person is heading to for any threats to his or her safety;
  • identifying any convenient for firing locations along the route and blocking them;
  • controlling entrances to and exits from the premises and open spaces attended by the protected person;
  • checking elevators, staircases and other risk-posing areas along the client’s route;
  • securing the protected person from being approached by other people;
  • interaction with other specialists involved in guarding of an event or meeting to coordinate actions;
  • driving the client’s vehicle (when functioning as a driver and bodyguard) to ensure that he or she travels safe.

Missions of those involved in client protection can change in a split second depending on the situation. Be sure that your personal security guard is prepared for any turn of events.

How can you order Executive Protection Services in Sochi?

If you chose to hire VIP guard at an attractive price to move around Sochi safely, please, contact us through the direct lines given on our official website. You can also contact us using the feedback form and via WhatsApp messenger.

We work with both legal entities and individuals; legal entities pay for the services against invoices.

Contact us and get detailed information about the close protection service in Sochi and its cost. Our specialists will answer all your questions and offer you the most favorable terms.

We are committed to making our service as comfortable and transparent for our clients as possible, and we look forward to seeing you among the VipTrip guests!