Helicopter rental in Sochi
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Аренда вертолёта в Сочи - деловые поездки, экскурсии, трансфер

Magnificent Bird’s-Eye Views of Krasnodar Region

The best way to experience the charm of the Black Sea coast is to rent a helicopter in Sochi for a journey by air that will let you get the bird’s-eye view of incredible landscapes. One can hardly find a more perfect and comfortable carrier than a helicopter. Its advantages can be discussed endlessly.

  1. Any helicopter can land on and take off from almost any place in Sochi as it doesn’t need a designated runway.
  2. This carrier is not afraid of traffic jams, blocks or other bottlenecks faced by road vehicles.
  3. The helicopter’s speed enables you to get to any hard-to-reach place quickly.
  4. A helicopter ride will vivify your emotions and give you incredible memories.

These and other advantages of a helicopter ride were highly appreciated by our clients who rented helicopter from VipTrip in Sochi.

Comfort in the sky

Modern helicopters feature a combination of reliable operational performance and ultimate comfort present in the same flying machine.

VipTrip is ready to give you access to a luxurious fleet of foreign and Russian-manufactured helicopters that proved to be comfortable and safe aircraft for individuals.

Among the helicopters that you can rent you will find such remarkable models as Eurocopter, AgustaWestland, Robinson and others. These helicopters able to take 3 to 6 people on board show perfect flying qualities and are ideal for such events as:

  • romantic outings;
  • guided tours by air;
  • business visits;
  • urgent transfers;
  • photo shoots;
  • press corps flights;
  • mountain hiking in group;
  • tourist flights;
  • and other occasions as needed.

VipTrip has proved itself as a conscientious provider of services for VIP clients. Renting helicopters in Sochi with our company gives you the following advantages:

  1. Safety. All helicopters are carefully inspected for technical serviceability right before takeoff. They are maintained in a timely manner. Pilots are highly skilled and have vast experience in helicopter piloting.
  2. Comfort. Helicopters have comfortable and cozy passenger cabins equipped to meet all top-tier service standards. The pilot’s skills and experience in piloting aircraft will make your flight pleasant and comfortable.
  3. Customer care. We always think of our clients, so we select the best and attractively priced rent and service terms. Our regular customers enjoy special privileges.

How to book a helicopter rental in Sochi

VipTrip offers you to book a helicopter rental in Sochi and enjoy all the benefits of our service. Our manager will help you to choose a helicopter with due regard to all your requirements and wishes, offer you individual rental terms and will personally make an application for the service. You can contact our specialist by requesting a callback or call the numbers given on the official website. Those who prefer messengers can communicate with VipTrip on WhatsApp.

We work with both individuals and legal entities. Legal entities pay for the services against invoices.

We are committed to making our service as comfortable and transparent for our clients as possible, and we look forward to seeing you among the VipTrip guests!