About Our Vip Taxi Brand
Your Comfort is Our Mission

Дмитрий Диденко - директор сервиса аренды люкс автомобилей в Сочи с водителями VipTrip

Hello and welcome to VipTrip! Thank you for joining us!

During two years of work in the Sochi’s Premium-Class Transport Services Market, our company has managed to withstand the challenging conditions faced by the entire Russian business, while gaining the trust of the most demanding customers, for whom we try to make the maximum conditions ensuring the level of comfort and matching their status. We carefully listen to all our customer requests and suggestions, and we are constantly developing and expanding our services. We appreciate all your warm reviews and feedback!

I also would like to express my special gratitude to our hard-working drivers for their accuracy in work, discipline, friendliness, and even patience. Thank you, guys! I am so glad we have such a friendly and professional team!

General Director
Dmitriy Didenko

About VipTrip

Founded in 2020 by Novosibirsk natives, VipTrip is a company with a well-earned and trusted reputation. The basis for our activity’s philosophy was the love of luxury and comfort inherent to Siberians, which we convey with all the breadth of our souls. We’ve grown accustomed to paying a thorough attention to details and finding an individual approach to each client, which we implement in our company’s work.

We are focused on every client, maintain our cars in excellent condition and carefully choose each driver, many of which already have regular customers. Our drivers will gladly have a conversation when needed, or leave you be with your thoughts and matters.
We specialize in VIP Taxi in Sochi, but we are constantly working on expanding our activities’ profile. We offer a list of additional services including a personal chef and wine steward, private guide, interpreter, photographer, videographer, and even a bodyguard. Renting our car with a driver in Sochi guarantees the top-rated service.

Наш автопарк вип-такси Майбах и Мерседес на фоне пальм в Сочи
Вип-такси Mercedes S-класса W222 и водитель Велерий доступны для заказа

Over 20 years of driving experience, owns a bodyguard license, drives a Mercedes W222. If you need a driver that will make you feel confident in any situation, have a serious conversation with you or stay quiet, he is your man. Valeriy’s motto is to always be one step ahead!

Водитель Юрий и автомобиль люкс Мерседес W223 доступны в аренду в Сочи

Over 15 years of driving experience, very careful, punctual, drives a Mercedes W223. In the past, worked in the food processing industry, managing confectionery department staff. A gourmet. Yuriy can always suggest a place for a pleasant time out, to match your mood and gastronomic preferences.

Водитель Алексей и автомобиль Maybach X222 доступны в аренду в Сочи

Over 25 years of driving experience, drives a Mercedes Maybach X222. If you think that he is our most serious driver, remember that appearances can be deceiving… Alexey is very cheerful and is always happy to have a conversation. Clients like this side of him very much, and their generous tips speak for themselves.

Водитель Александр и минивэн Mercedes V-class доступны в аренду в Сочи

Over 22 years of driving experience, drives a V-Class Mercedes, and does it beautifully. His driving makes you feel like you’re in a Maybach and not in a minivan. Alexander is our most considerate and delicate driver, and it is reflected not only in his driving. You will feel comfortable with him during a long solo business trip or with a large and noisy group of people.

Водитель Евгений и автомобиль Майбах в Сочи доступны для аренды

Have you seen “The Transporter” movie? Yevgeny is Sochi’s Jason Statham. He has a Mercedes Maybach X222 at his disposal, and he knows the entire city as well as his five or six fingers… Keeping in mind his driving style, which he has honed to perfection in 15 years. With Yevgeny, the entire city will be at your feet – tourist spots, landmarks, gastronomic tours. You only have to tell him what you want!

Водитель Андрей и автомобиль Mercedes W223 в Сочи доступны для аренды

Over 15 years of driving experience. Drives S-Class W223. A former federal driver. Has a military build and quick reaction in any situation – whether it’s a dangerous situation on the road or a problem in the cafe. Serious, punctual, and always on the lookout. With Andrey, you can forget about the world with its troubles and focus on your matters!

Водитель Размик и микроавтобус Мерседес V-класса в Сочи доступны для аренды

If you want to travel to Abkhazia and wish to meet a real Caucasus native, then Razmik is your man. We don’t know how many years he’s been driving – a real Caucasus leaves the maternity hospital on Lada. That was a joke, of course. But it’s true that Razmik knows the entire Black Sea Coast, especially Abkhazia, and gets along with people effortlessly. He confirms that he’s been driving over 20 years and demonstrates the highest level of V-Class driving. He is always kind and courteous, a “people” person, a soul of the party, and he’s adored by families with children.